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Software and Tech Industry Acronyms

So Freind's here are all the acronyms i found all over the 
Internet and use it daily in IT and Tech feild area,I hope 
that it will help you.

A/D Analog To Digital
A2A Application to Application
AAF Advanced Authoring Format
ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming (SAP)
ABC Activity-Based Costing
ABM Activity-Based Management
ABMS Anything But Microsoft
ACD Automatic Call Distributor
ACI Application Control Interface
ACIS 3D Geometrical Modeling Library (Andy, Charles, Ian’s System)
ACL Access Control List
ACM Association For The Computing Industry (1947)
ACM Asset Configuration Manager
ACP Advanced Configuration And Power Interface

This img might also be helpful

ActiveX Object-oriented Programming Language (Microsoft)
ACV All Commodity Volume
ACWS Actual Cost Of Work Performed
AD Application Development
AD Active Directory (Microsoft)
ADC Advanced Data Connector
ADC Automated Data Collection
ADCU Application Developer Customer Unit
ADE Application Development Environment
ADE Automated Data Entry
ADK Adapter Development Kit
ADM Application Distribution And Management
ADM Advanced Distribution And Manufacturing (Platinum)
ADO ActiveX Data Objects
ADP Automatic Data Processing
ADSI Active Directory Services Interface (Microsoft)
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop
AEC Alliance For Enterprise Computing
AEC Architecture, Engineering, Construction
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port (Intel)
AGV Automated Guided Vehicle
AGVS Automated Guided Vehicle System
AHS Automated Handling System
AI Artificial Intelligence
AID Automatic Identification
AIDC Automatic Identification And Data Collection
AIM Automatic Identification Manufacturers
AIM Application Integration Middleware
AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape (drive)
ALA Application Launch Accelerator (Intel)
ALE Application Launching And Embedding (Citrix)
ALE Application Linking Enabler
ALM Asset Lifecycle Management
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMH Automated Material Handling
AML Approved Manufacturer List
AMO Alarm Management Optimization
AMPS Analog Mobile Phone System
AMR Advanced Manufacturing Research
AMS Advanced Manufacturing Scheduling
ANS Assured Network Services
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AOMS Advanced Order Management System
AP Application Protocol
APAAdvanced Profit Analysis (Maxager)
APCM Advanced Plant Control Network (Honeywell)
APIApplication Programming Interface
APICS American Production And Inventory Control Society
APO Advanced Planner & Optimizer (SAP)
APP Application Processing Platform
APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communication
APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning
APS Advanced Planning And Scheduling
ARC Advanced Regulatory Control
ARIS Architecture Of Integrated Information Systems
ARM Application Resource Management
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
AS/RS Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
ASA Application Service Assurance (BMC Software)
ASC Application-Specific Computer
ASC Accredited Standards Committee
ASCAD Automated Standardization For CAD
ASCII American Standard Code For Information Interchange
ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASN Advanced Ship Notifications
ASP Active Server Pages (Microsoft)
ASP Application Service Provider
ASPC Advanced Statistical Process Control
ASSP Application-Specific Standard Parts
ATA Air Transport Association
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment
ATB Associated Topology Bus
ATD Available-To-Deliver
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM Automated Teller Machine
ATO Assemble-To-Order
ATP Advanced Technology Program (U.S.)
ATP Available-To-Promise
ATS Automatic Technical Support
AVL Approved Vendor List
AWE Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation
B2(X) Business-To-Everyone
B2B Business-To-Business
B2BI Business-To-Business Integration
B2C Business-To-Consumer
B2C Business-To-Customer
B2E Business-To-Employee
B2X Business-To-Aanyone
BACnet Building Automation And Control Network
BAP Buyer Aggregation Portal
BAPI Business Application Programming Interface (SAP)
BBO Barrier Bid Optimization
BBR Basic Backup And Recovery
BCD Binary-Coded Decimal
BCI Business Community Integration
BCWP Budgeted Cost Of Work Performed
BEIS Business Environmental Impact Statement
BFA Business Framework Architecture
BGA Bill Grid Array
BI Business Intelligence
BIOS Basic Input/Output System
BMP Best Manufacturing Practices
BOH Balance-On-Hand
BOI Business Object Interfaces
BOM Bill Of Materials
BOMSIG Business Objects Model Special Interests Group
BOS Batch Operations Supervisor
BPE Business Process Engineering
BPI Business Process Integration
BPM Business Performance Management
BPO Business Process Outsourcing
BPR Business Process Reengineering
BSC Balanced Scorecard
BSP Business Service Provider
BTP Build-To-Order
BTR Behind-The-Tape Reader
C++ Object-oriented Programming Language
CA Certificate Authority
CAD Computer-Aided Design
CAD Computer-Aided Dispatch
CADD Computer-Aided Design And Drafting
CAE Computer-Aided Engineering
CAFM Computer-Aided Facility Management
CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate
CAI Cooperative Applications Initiative
CAID Computer-Aided Industrial Design
CAL Client Access License (Microsoft)
CALS Continuous Acquisition And Lifecycle Support
CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CAM Customer Asset Management
CAMM Computer-Aided Manufacturing Management
CAMU Computerized Assembly Mock-Up
CAN Controller Area Network
CAO Computer-Assisted Ordering
CAPE Computer-Aided Process Engineering
CAPE Computer-Aided Production Engineering
CAPE Concurrent Art-to-Part Environment
CAPISCE Computer Architecture For Production Information Systems In a Competitive Environment
CAPP Computer-Aided Process Planning
CASCADE Chip Architecture For Smart Cards And Portable Intelligent Devices
CASE Computer-Aided Software Engineering (Sentinel Business Solutions)
CATA Canadian Advanced Technology Association
CATIA Computer-Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application
CAVE Computer-Assisted Virtual Environment
CBD Component-Based Development
CBO Common Business Object
CBR Case-Based Reasoning
CBSA Component-Based Solution Assembly
CBT Computer-Based Training
CCB Change Control Board (Agile)
CCD Change Coupled Device
CCM Customer Contact Manager
CCM Comprehensive Client Manager (ON Technology)
CDC Central Distribution Center
CDDI Copper-Distributed Data Interchange
CDE Common Desktop Environment
CDK Channel Development Kit
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDMA Code Division Mobile Access
CDP Collaborative Demand Planner
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data
CDS Citrix Device Services
CE Consumer Edition (Microsoft)
CEM Contract Electronic Manufacturer
CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring System
CFAR Collaboration Forecasting And Replenishment
CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFPR Collaborative Forecasting, Planning, And Replenishment
CFS Continuous-Flow Monitoring
CGI Computer-Generated Imaging
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CGM+ Computer Graphics Metafile Seismic Extension
CGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practice
CHDStd Chip Hierarchical Design Standard
CHEMS Chemical, Health, And Environment Management Systems
CHTML Compact Hypertext Markup Language
CIFS Common Internet File System
CIM Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
CIP Clean In Place
CIS Component Information System
CIS Customer Information System
CISC Complex-Instruction-Set Computing
CLD Carton-Level Detail
CM Configuration Management
CMC Cell Monitoring And Control
CMM Coordinate Measurement Machine
CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine
CMMS Computerized Maintenance-Management System
CMO Contract Manufacturing And Organizations
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMP Cellular MMltiprocessing
CMP Chemical Mechanical Polarization
CMS Customer-Management Software
CMS Conversational Monitor System
CNC Computer Numerical Control
COA Certificate-Of-Analysis
COE Common Operating Environment
COES Corporate Optimization And Execution Software
COFES Congress On The Future Of Engineering Software
COGS Cost Of Goods Sold
COI Common Gateway Interface (Microsoft)
COLD Computer Output To Laser Disk
COM Component Object Model
COMMS Customer Oriented Manufacturing Management Systems
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
COSE Common Open Software Environment
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CP Capacity Planning
CPC Collaborative Product Commerce
CPCI Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect
CPD Collaborative Product Development
CPDM Collaborative Product-Definition Management
CPE Computers, Peripherals, And Equipment
CPFR Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, And Replenishment
CPG Consumer Packaged Goods
CPGA Control Program Generation Analysis
CPLD Complex Programmable-Logic Device
CPM Critical Path Method
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRB Change Review Board
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRL Certificate Revocation List
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRP Capacity Requirements Planning
CS/QS Class-of-Service/Quality-of-Service
CSA Canadian Standards Association
CSE Common Support Environment
CSF Critical Success Factor
CSG Computer Systems Group
CSM Component And Supplier Management
CSMA/CD Carrier-Sense Multiple Access With Collision Detection
CSP Complementary Software Partner
CSP Commerce Service Provider
CSP Communication Services Provider
CSR Customer Service Representative
CSRP Customer Synchronized Resource Planning (Symix)
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
CSS Customer Support System
CSST Collaborative Service And Support Technology
CTC Channel-To-Channel
CTI Computer Telephony Integration
CTO Configure-To-Order
CTP Capable-To-Promise
CVPD Collaborative Virtual Product Development
CY Calendar Year
D/A Digital To Analog
DAA/Codec Discrete Asset Array/Coder-Decoder
DAO Data Access Objects
DAS Data Acquisition System
DB Database
DBA Database Administrator
DBMS Database Management System
DC Distribution Center
DCC Digital Content Creation
DCE Distributed Computing Environment
DCI Digital Consulting Institute
DCM Development Change Management
DCMS Distribution Center Management System (Lilly)
DCOM Distributed Component-Object Model
DCP Demand-Chain Planning
DCS Data Communications System
DCS Distributed Control System
DCX Data Control Exchange (VenturCom)
DD Device Description
DDA Data Distribution Accessibility (or Access)
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DE Digitally Enhanced
DEM Dynamic Enterprise Modeling (Baan)
DEN Directory-Enabled Network
DES Distribution Execution System
DFM Demand Flow Management
DFS Distributed Factory System
DFT Demand Floor Technology (JCIT)
DFT Demand Flow Technology
DFU Demand Forecasting Unit
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHD Direct Home Delivery
DID Digital Image Decoding
DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module
DIN Deutsche Industre Norm
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DM Document Management
DMA Direct Memory Access
DMCS Distributed Manufacturing And Control Software
DMI Desktop Management Interface
DMI Data Migration Interface
DMS Document Management System
DMS Demand Management System
DMTF Desktop Management Task Force
DNA Distributed InterNet Architecture (Microsoft)
DNA Digital Network Architecture
DNC Direct Numerical Control
DNS Domain Name System
DOE Design Of Experiment
DOLAP Desktop Online Analytical Processing
DOM Document Object Model
DOM Distributed Object Management
DOM Distributed Output Model
DP Differential Pressure
dpi Dots Per Square Inch
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRM Distributed Resource Management
DRM Device Relationship Management
DRP Distribution Requirements Planning
DSD Direct Store Delivery
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSM Deep Submicron
DSM Distributed System Manager
DSO Days Sale Outstanding
DSOM Distributed System Object Model
DSP Digital Signal Processing
DSP Digital Signal Processor
DSP Document Service Provider
DSRP Demand Solutions Requirements Planning
DSS Decision Support System
DSSS Direct Squeeze Spread Spectrum
DTD Data-Type Definition
DTD Document-Type Definition
DTI Distributed Timing Interface
DTO Delivery-To-Opportunity
DTP Distribution Transaction Processing
DTP Desktop Publishing
DTS Data Transformation Service
DWF Drawing Web Format (Autodesk)
DWF Data Warehousing Framework
DWG Drawing
DXF Data Interchange Format
DXF Drawing Interchange Format
ePLM – Electronic Product-lifecycle Management
E&O Excess And Obsolete
E2PDM Extended Enterprise PDM
EA Enterprise Agreement
EA Enterprise Application
EAI Enterprise Application Integration
EAM Enterprise Asset Management
EAP Enhanced Application Platform
EAP Environmental Accounting Project
EAS Enterprise Asset Management
EBPP Electronic Bill Presentation And Management
EBR Electronic Batch Record
eBRM E-business Relationship Management
EBSE-Business Suite (Oracle)
EBS Enterprise Business Solution
EC Electronic Commerce
EC European Community
ECAD Electronic Computer-aided Design
ECC Elliptic-curve Cryptography
ECC Error Correction Code
ECIX Electronic Component Information EXchange
ECM Enterprise Channel Management
ECN Engineering Change Notice
ECO Engineering Change Order
ECR Efficient Consumer Response
eCRM E-commerce Customer-relationship Management
ECS Enterprise Control System
ECS Equipment Control System
EDA Electronic-design Automation
EDA Enterprise Data Access
EDC/MC Enterprise Data Collection/mobile Computing
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDM Electrical Discharge Machine
EDM Electronic Data Management
EDM Engineering Data Management
EDMS Electronic Data Management System
EDMS Enterprise Document Management System
EDMS Engineering Document Management System
EDORAM Extended Data Output RAM
EDP Enterprise Development Partners (Microsoft)
EEA Extended Enterprise Application
EEMS Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification
EES Engineering Execution Systems
EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
E-GUIExtended Graphical-User Interface
EH&S Environmental Health And Safety
EIM Enterprise Information Management
EIM Enterprise Incentive Management
EIP Enterprise Information Portal
EIP Electronic Invoicing And Payment
EIS Executive Information System
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
ELSEnterprise Labeling Services
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMD Engineering, Manufacturing, Design
EMEAEurope, Middle East, Africa
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
EMR Electronic Medical Records
EMS Energy Management System
EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services
EMS Effective Management Systems
EMT Enterprise Material Transfer
ENE EDA For The Networked Enterprise
ENSA Enterprise Network Storage Architecture
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPC Enhanced PCI-bridge Controller
EPC Engineering, Procurement & Construction
EPDS Enterprise Product-development Solutions
EPM Enterprise Process Management
EPM Enterprise Performance Management
EPM Enterprise Product Modeling
EPPI Electronic Provider/patient Interface
EPS Enterprise Production Systems
ERA Enterprise-ready Applications
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram
ERM Enterprise Relationship Management
ERM Enterprise Resource Management
ERM Enterprise Report Management
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ERS Enterprise Reporting System
ESC Enterprise Service Center
ESDS Emergency Shutdown System
ESM Electrical Switching Module
eSMS E-service Management Systems
ESP Enterprise Service Provider
ESP Engineering Service Provider
ETB Extracting, Transforming, And Building
ETC Electronic Trade Confirmation
ETL Extraction, Transformation, And Loading
ETM Enterprise Transportation Management
ETO Engineer-to-order
ETP Enterprise Transportation Planning
ETT Extraction And Transformation Tool
EVA Economic Value Added
eVB Embedded Visual Basic
EZB EZBuilder Utility For SBS-Pathfinder (Sentinel Business Solutions)
FA Factory Automation
FAS Fixed-Asset Solution (Best)
FAS Field Automation System
FAT File Allocation Table
FBE Framework-based Environment
FCAL Fibre Channel Artibrated Loop
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCO Field-change Order
FCP Finite Capacity Planning
FCS Field Control System
FCS Finite Capacity Scheduling
FCS First-customer Ship
FDA Factory Data Automation
FDC Factory Data Collection
FDC Frictionless Distribution Community
FDDI Fiber-distributed Data Interchange
FDM Frequency Data Multiplexing
FEA Finite Element Analysis
FFT Fast Fourier Transform (Steeplechase)
FIP Factory Instrumentation Protocol
FIP Factory Information Protocol
FM Frequency Modulation
FMCG Fast-moving Consumer Goods
FMP Flexible Manufacturing Plant
FMS Factory Management System
FMS Factory Message Specification
FMS Flexible Manufacturing System
FPGA Field-programmable Gate Array
FROG Free Roaming On Grid
FSK Frequency Shift Keying
FSP Fulfillment Service Provider
FSP Full-service Provider
FSR Financial Statement And Reporting
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTZ Foreign Trade zone
FUD Fear, Uncertainty, And Doubt
G/L General Ledger
GA General Availability
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAL Global Address List
GB Gigabyte
GD&T Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance
GDL Geometric Description Language
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GEM Generic Equipment Model
GEMS Global Enterprise Management System
GETOM Global Enterprise Transportation Optimization And Management
GIF Graphical Interchange Format
GIL Global Interlink Network (Chevron)
GIS Geographic Information System
GMC General Motion Control
GMP Good Manufacturing Practice
GNC Generative Numerical Control
GOSIP Government Systems Interconnect Protocol
GPC General-purpose Computer
GPM Graphics Presentation Manager
GPS Global Positioning System
GQL Graphical Query Language
GRI Gas Research Institute
GSCAD Global Shipbuilding CAD
GSM Global System Mobile (communications)
GSMC Global System For Mobile Communication
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUS Global User Station
H/PC Handheld Personal Computer
HACMP High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing
HAD Historical Data Access
HAIS High-availability Internet Service
HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer
HART Highway Addressable Remote Transducer
HBA Host Bus Adapters
HCL Hardware-compatibility List
HCM Human-capital Management
HCS Hybrid Control System
HDL Hardware Description Language
HDLC High-level Data Link Control
HDMC Handheld Device Markup Language
HHT Handheld Terminal
HIS Human/system Interface
HIS Home Inventory System
HLL High-level Language
HMI Human/machine Interface
HMP Heterogeneous Multiprocessing
HNF High-performance Networking Forum
HOLAP Hybrid Online-analytical Processing
HPC Handheld Personal Computer
HPFS High-performance File System
HPSA Highly Parallel System Architecture
HRMS Human-resource Management System
HSDRAM High-speed Synchronous Dynamic RAM
HSM Hierarchical Storage Management
HSM High-speed Machining
HSM Hardware Security Module
HSP Host Signal Processing
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Internet)
HVACR HVAC, Refrigeration
I/O Input/Output
IA-64- Intel Architecture, 64-bit
IAB Internet Architecture Board
IAC Interapplication Communication
IADLC Integrated Access Digital Loop Carrier
IAI International Alliance For Interoperability
IAI Internet Application Integration
IAM Information Asset Management
IBP Internet-based Procurement
IBPP Internet Bill Payment And Presentment
IBU Independent Business Unit
IC Integrated Circuit
ICA Independent Computing Architecture (Citrix)
ICA Internet Component Assistant (OrCAD)
ICAN Internet Corporation For Assigned Names
ICAP Internet Content Adaptation Protocol
ICC Industrial Control Computer (Nematron)
ICC International Color Consortium
ICC Integration And Certification Center
ICCP Intercontrol Center Communications Protocol
ICE Internet Content Exchange
ICE Integrated CASE Environment (Sentinel Business Solutions)
ICM Image Color Matching
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICN Intelligent Communications Network
ICO Internet Content Provider
ICOE Industry Centers Of Expertise
ICR Intelligent Character Recognition
ICRM Internet CRM
ICSA International Computer Security Association
ICSA Internet Cellular Smart Access (Microsoft)
ICT Information And Controls Technology
IDBC Illuminator Database Connector
IDC Internet Database Connectivity
IDE Integrated Development Environment
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics
IDF Intermediate Distribution Frame
IDIQ Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity
IDL Interface Description Language
IDM Integrated Document Management
IDOC Intermediate Document
IEA Industrial Enterprise Application
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IFC Industry Foundation Classes
IGBT Insulated Gate Bipoloar Transistor
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Standard
IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
IIS Internet Information Server (Microsoft)
IKE Internet Key Exchange
IL Instruction List
IM Information Management
IMAP Internet Mail-access Protocol
IMDP In-memory Database
IMES Integrated Manufacturing Execution System
IMIS Integrated Management Information System
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMRS Integrated Market Response System
IMRT Integrated Market Response Template
IMS Inventory Management System
INE Intelligent Network Elements
IP Internet Protocol (see TCP/IP)
IP Intellectual Property
IPC Industrial Process Control
IPM Intelligent Performance Monitoring
IPO Initial Public Offering
IPP Internet Printing Protocol
IPS Interactive Product Simulation
IPS Integrated Plant Systems
IPT In-process Testing
IPX Internet Work Packet Exchange
IRC Internet Relay Chat
IRM Internet Resource Management
IRM Internet Relationship Management
IS Information Systems
IS Information Services
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISA Instrumentation, Systems, And Automation Society
ISA Instrumentation Systems Automation
ISAPI Internet Service Application Programmer Interface
ISC Integration Services Center
ISDN Integrated Service Digital Network
ISM Integrated System Management
ISM Independent-sponsored Marketplace
ISO International Organization For Standardization
ISO 9000 International Standards Organization Standards For Quality Systems
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISP Interoperable Systems Project
ISS Independent Software Supplier
ISS Independent Systems Software
ISV Independent Software Vendor
IT Information Technology
ITA Information Technology Alliance
ITAA International Technology Association Of America
ITB Invitation-To-Bid
ITCM Internet Traffic And Content Management
ITCM Internet Trading-community Management
ITE Independent Trading Exchange
ITE Internet Trading Exchange
ITL International Trading Logistics
ITO Information Technology Outsourcing
ITS Information Technology Services
ITU International Telecommunication Union
IVA Import Validation Agent
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IVR Internet Voice Response
J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition
JAVA Object-Oriented Programming Language
JCIT John Costanza Institute Of Technology
JDBC Java Database Connectivity
JDEJD Edwards
JDK Java Developers Kit
JIT Just-In-Time
JOE Java Object Environment
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
JVM Java Virtual Machine
kb Kilobyte
KBE Knowledge-Based Engineering
kbps Kilobits Per Second
kHz KiloHertz
KM Knowledge Management
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KVA Kilovolt Ampere
KW Kilowatt
L/P Labor Performance
L2I Legacy To Internet
LAN Local-area Network
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCI Load-Commutated Inverter
LCP Lifecycle Planning
LCV Longer Combination Vehicles
LDAP Lightweight Directory-Access Protocol
LEC Low-End Controller
LED Light-Emitting Diode
LES Logistics Execution System
LES Logistics Execution Solution
LIMS Laboratory Information-management System
LIS Logistics Information System
LLC Limited Liability Company
LOELevel of Effort
LOM Laminated Object Manufacturing
LOMS Logistics and Order Management System
LON Local Operating Network
LPI Load Port Interface
LPNLicense Plate Number
LPS Label Print Server
LRP Labor Resource Planning
LRQA Lloyd’s Register Of Quality Assurance
LSCD Large-Scale Catalog Distribution
LSF Load-Sharing Facility
LSI Large-Scale Integration
LTL Less-Than-Truckload
LTL Less-Than-Load
LUN Logical Unit Number
LX Logistics Exchange
mA MilliAmpere
MACE Modular Application Component Environment
MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAPE Mean Average Percent Error
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface
mb Megabyte
mbps Megabits Per Second
MCA Manufacturing Cost Accounting
MCAD Mechanical Computer-aided Design
MCEB Multi-channel E-business
MCO Manufacturing Change Order
MCOE Manufacturing Center Of Excellence
MCS Material Control System
MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
MCSE Microsoft Certified System Engineer
MCSP Microsoft Certified Solution Provider
MCSP Microsoft Certified Solution Provider
MDA Mechanical Design Automation
MDAC Microsoft Data Access Components
MDF Means Distribution Frame
MDI Multiple Document Interface
MDI Mobile Data Initiative
MDIS Metadata Interchange Specification
MDL Microstation Development Language
MEAPMobile Enterprise Application Platform
MEM Machine Event Monitoring
MEMS Micro Electromechanical Systems
MEP Manufacturing Engineering Practice
MERIT Maximize the Efficiency Of Resources in Information Technology
MES Manufacturing Execution System
MFA Model-Free Adaptive
MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes
MIL Machine Interface Layer
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Exchange
MIMS Messaging, Information, And Media Sector
MIPS Millions Of Instructions Per Second
MIS Management Information System
MIS Microsoft Information Server
MISF Microsoft Internet Security Framework
MLA Multi-Letter Acronym (also TLA, Three-letter Acronym)
MLP Multiloop Controller
MM Materials Management
MMC Microsoft Management Console
MMC Metal Matrix Composite
MMI Man/machine Interface
MMI Manufacturing Management Information
MMRC Microelectronics Marketing Research Council
MMS Manufacturing Message Specification
MMST Microelectronics Manufacturing Science And Technology
MMX Multimedia Extensions
MOC Management Of Change
MOM Message-oriented Middleware
MPEMV – Microprocessor/Europay Mastercard Visa
MP Multifunctional Platform
MP/M Multitasking Programs For Microcomputers (CP/M Vision)
MPEG Motion Picture Expects Group
MPGA Multiprogram Gate Array
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching
MPM Medical Product Manufacturer
MPS Master Production Schedule
MPU Microprocessor Unit
MQM Message-gueuing Middleware
MRA Model-Reference Adaptive
MRO Maintenance, Repair, And Overhaul
MRO Maintenance, Repair, And Operations
MRP Materials Requirements Planning
MRPII Manufacturing Resource Planning
MSCS Microsoft Cluster Service
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MSDS Materials Safety Data Sheets
MSE Machine-shop Estimating
MSMQ Microsoft Message Queuing
MSP Microsoft Solution Provider
MSP Managed-Service Provider
MSPC Multivariable Statistical Process Control
MSQ Microsoft Message Queue
MSS Manufacturing Software System
MSTP Multivariable Statistical Process Control
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTIB Machine-Tool Interface Board
MTO Make-To-Order
MTPB Meantime To Pay Back
MTS Microsoft Transaction Server
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
MVC Multivariable Control
MVOC Multivariable Optimizing Control
MVPC Multivariate Process Control
MWS Managed Warehouse System
NAI Network Application Integration
NAPM National Assn. Of Purchasing Managers
NAS Network Attached Storage
NBO Networked Business Object
NBS Network Business Systems
NC Network Computer
NC Numerical Control
NCA Network Computing Architecture
NCE Network Computing Environment
NCMS National Center For Manufacturing Sciences
NEMA National Electric Manufacturers Association
NEMI National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
NFS Network File System
NGC Next-Generation Controls
NGIO Next-Generation Input/output (architecture)
NGWS Next Generation Windows Services (Microsoft)
NHRP Next-Hop Resolution Protocol
NIC Network Interface Card
NIC Newly Industrialized Country
NIH Not Invented Here
NIIIP National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols
NIIP National Information Infrastructure Protocols
NIST National Institute Of Standards & Technology
NLDAC National Lubricant Distributors Advisory Council
NLM Network Loadable Module
NLP Natural-language Processing
NNTP Network News Transport Protocol
NOS Network Operating System
NOT Nonobject Technology
NPD New Product Development
NPI New-Product Introduction
NQL Network Query Language (Alpha CONNECT)
NRT Near Realtime
NSPS New Source Performance Standards
NT New Technology
NTES Network File System
NTFS NT File System (Windows)
NURBS Nonuniform Rational B Splines
NVO Nonvessel Operator
NVSRAM Nonvolatile Semiconductor RAM
O&M Operation And Maintenance
OAD Object Analysis And Design
OAG Open Applications Group
OAGIS Open Applications Group Integration Specification
OB Object-Based
OBI Options By IBM
OBI Open Business On The Internet
OCC OLE (object Linking And Embedding) Custom Control
OCR Optical Character Recognition
OCS Open Control Software
OCV Optical Character Verification
OCX OLE Extension .ocx
OD&M OLE For Design & Modeling
ODAA Open Data Acquisition Association
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
ODBMS Object Database Management Systems
ODMA Open Document Management Assn.
ODS Operational Data Supervision
ODVA Open DeviceNet Vendor Assn.
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness
OEM Original-equipment Manufacturer
OFS Optical File System
OFS Order-fulfillment System
OI Operator Interface
OIM Open Information Model
OIT Operator Interface Terminal
OL Object-Like
OLA Open Library API
OLAP Online Analytical Processing
OLE Object Linking And Embedding
OLEDB OLE Database
OLP Online Programming
OLTP Online Transaction Processing
OMA Object Management Architecture
OMAC Open Modular Or Architecture Controller (Consortium)
OMFI Open Media Framework Interchange
OMG Object Management Group
OMR Optical Mark Recognition
OMS Operational Method Sheet
OMS Order Management System
OO Object-Oriented
OODBMS Object-Oriented Database Management Systems
OOP Object-Oriented Programming
OOT Object-oriented Technology
OPC OLE (object Linking And Embedding) For Process Control
OpenGL Open Graphics Language
OPL Optimization Program Language
OPT Optimized Production Technology
ORB Object Request Broker
OS Operating System
OSEM Operating System Encapsulation Mechanism
OSF Open Software Foundation
OSHA Occupational Safety And Health Administration
OSI Open Systems Interconnect
OSM Optical Switching Module
OSP Operations Service Provider
OT Object Technology
OTM Object Transaction Monitor
OU Organization Unit
OVE Order Visibility Exchange
P&C Process And Control
P&O Product And Order
P/ERP Process Enterprise Resource Planning
P/O Purchase Order
P/PC Palm-size PC
P/SCM Process/Supply-Chain Management
P3P Privacy Preference Project
PAC Platform Adapter Component
PAM Plant Asset Management
PAS Process Automation System
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PC Personal Computer
PCA Principal Component Analysis
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCL Printer Control Language
PCLC PC Logic Controller
PCM Product Change Management
PCM Plant Conceptual Model
PCM Predictive Cost Modeling
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCS Process Control System
PD Positive Displacement
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDAS Process Data Acquisition System
PDC Product Definitions And Commerce
PDF Portable Document Format
PDGPS Phase Differential Global Positioning System
PDK Professional Developers Kit
PDLA Plant Design, Layout, And Analysis
PDM Product Data Management
PDM Product Knowledge Management
PDP Plasma Display Panel
PDS Plant Design System
PDS Programmable Device Support
PDT Portable Data Terminal
PE&C Process Execution And Control
PERL Practical Extraction And Report Language (also Perl)
PERT Program Evaluation Review Technology
PFA Predictive Failure Analysis
PFD Process Flow Diagram
PHD Plant History Database
PI Plant Information
PI Process Instruction
PICMG PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PID Proportional, Integral, Derivative
PIE Pocket Internet Explorer
PIM Personal Information Management
PIM Product Information Management
PIM Process Information Management
PIMS Plant Information Management System
PIMS Personal Information Manager
PIMS Plant Information-management System
PIMS Process Information-management System
PIN Plant Information Network
PING Packet Internet Group
PIP Petroleum-industry Profile
PIP Plant Information Portal
PIP Partner Interface Process
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PKM Product-knowledge Management
PLC Programmable-logic Controller
PLD Programmable-logic Design
PLD Programmable-logic Device
PLM Product-lifecycle Management
PLS Projection To Latent Structures
PM Production Management
PM Preventive Maintenance
PMC Process Monitoring And Control
PMD Programmable Message Display
PMES Paperless Manufacturing Execution System
pMES Paperless MES
PMS Production Management System
PO Purchase Order
PO Plant Operations
POI Points Of Interaction
POS Point-Of-Sale
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface
PPPI – Production Planning-Process Industries (SAP)
PP Production Planning
PPAP Production Part Approval Process
PPCN Packaged Plant-Control Network (Honeywell)
PPE Product And Process Engineering
PPM Product Process Management
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
PPTP Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol
PR Payroll
PRM Partner Relationship Management
PRO Pricing And Revenue Optimization
PSA Professional-services Automation
PSI Pounds Per Square Inch
PSM Process Safety Management
PWA Printed Wiring Assembly
PWB Print Wiring Board
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
PWS Personal Workstation
PWS Personal Web Server
Q2L Quality, Quantity, And Location
QA Quality Assurance
QBE Query By Example
QC Quality Control
QMS Quality-management System
QoS Quality Of Service
QR Quick Response
R&D Research And Development
R&S Routing And Scheduling
R/C Resistance/Capacitanse
R/W Readable/Writable
RAD Rapid Application Development
RAID Redundant Arrays Of Independent Disks
RAM Random-access Memory
RAS Remote Access Server
RAS Reliability, Availability, And Serviceability
RBE Report-by-exception
RCCP Rough-Cut Capacity Planning
RCM Reliability Centered Maintenance
RCSA Root-cause Failure Analysis
RDBMS Relational Database-management System
RDC Regional Distribution Center
RDMS Relational Database-management System
RDO Remote Data Objects
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
RDS Remote Data Service (formerly ADC)
REJ Rapid Economic Justification
REPAC Ready, Execute, Process, Analyze, Coordinate (AMR Research)
RF Radio Frequency
RFC Remote Function Call
RFDC Radio Frequency Data Collection
RFDC Radio Frequency Data Communications
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RFI Request For Information
RFIC Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
RFP Request For Proposal
RFQ Request For Quote
RFS Relational Financial System
RIP Raster Image Processor
RISC Reduced-instruction-set Computing
RLD Relay Ladder Diagram
RLD Relay Ladder Diagram
RLL Relay Ladder Logic
RMA Return Merchandise Authorization
RMA Return Material Authorization
RMPCT Robust Multivariable Predictive Control Technology
RMS Remote Management System
RMS Road Management Systems
ROA Return On Assets
ROC Remote Operation Controller
ROCE Return On Capital Employed
ROI Return On Investment
ROLAP Relational Online Analytical Processing
ROM Read-Only Memory
ROS Rate-Of-Sales
ROSA Rate-Of-Sale Analysis
RP Rapid Prototyping
RPC Remote Procedure Call
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RPO Recovery-Point Objectives
RRC Regular Regulatory Control
RRM Rapid Response Manufacturing
RRP Resource Requirements Planning
RSL Resilient Server Links
RSM Regional Sales Manager
RT Realtime
RTA Runtime Analysis
RTD Resistance Temperature Detector
RTE Realtime Trading Exchange
RTL Register Transfer Level
RTLS Realtime Locating System
RTO Realtime Optimization
RTOS Realtime Operating System
RTSS Realtime Subsystem
RTU Remote Terminal Unit
RTX Realtime Extension
RTX Realtime Transaction Exchange
S.M.A.R.T. Suppression Monitoring And Recording Technology
S2ML Security-Services Markup Language
SaaSSoftware as a Solution
SAMA Scientific Apparatus Makers Association
SAN Storage-Area Network
SAN System-Area Network
SAP Systems Applications and Products
SAPI Speech Application Programming Interface (Microsoft)
SAT Save ACIS Text File Format
SBC Single-board Computer
SBS Sentinel Business Solutions
SBU Strategic Business Unit
SCAD Supply-chain Analysis And Design
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCE Supply-Chain Execution
SCEM Supply-Chain Event Management
SCEM Supply-Chain Execution Management
SCI Supply-Chain Integration
SCM Supply-Chain Management
SCM Software Configuration Management
SCO Supply-Chain Optimization
SCOPE Supply-Chain Optimization, Planning, And Execution
SCOR Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model
SCOREx Supply-Chain Optimization Realtime Execution
SCP Supply-chain Products
SCP Service Control Point
SCP Support-Center Practices
SCP Supply-Chain Planning
SCR Silicon-Controlled Rectifier
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SD Sales And Distribution
SDK Software Development(ers) Kit
SDL Specification Description Language
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control
SDM Sales Delivery And Merchandising
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random-access Memory
SE Second Edition
SEA Self-Evident Applications
SECS Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standards
SEMI Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
SEPC Advanced Statistical Process Control
SES Sales Execution System
SFA Salesforce Automation
SFC Sequential Function Chart
SFC Shop Floor Control
SFP Shop Floor Programming
SGML Standard General(ized) Markup Language
SI Systems Integrator
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SIGGRAPH Special-Interest Group On Computer Graphics
SIM Subscriber Information Module
SIMD Single Instruction, Multiple Data
SIMM Single Inline Memory Module
SIP Semiconductor Intellectual Property
SIS Strategic Information System
SKU Stock-Keeping Unit
SLA Stereo Lighography Apparatus
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLC Soft-logic Control
SLDC Single Loop Digital Control
SLDL System Level Design Language
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMART Suppression Monitoring And Recording Technology
SMB Small-to-Midsize Business
SMC Small-to-Midsize Company
SME Small-to-Midsize Enterprise
SME Sales And Marketing Effectiveness
SMIF Standard Mechanical Interface
SMM Secure Memory Module
SMM Small-to-Midsize Manufacturer
SMP Symmetrical Multiprocessing
SMP Shared-Memory Multiprocessing
SMS Systems Management Server
SMS Systems Management Software
SMS Short Messaging Service
SMS Short Message Service
SMT Surface-Mount Technology
SMT Shipment Management Tools
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNA Systems Network Architecture
SNMP Simple Network-management Practice
SOSales Order
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol (Microsoft)
SOC System-On-Chip
SOE Sequence Of Events
SOHO Small Office/Home Office
SOM System Object Model
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOP Sales and Operations Planning
SP Scalable Performance
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPC Storage Performance Council
SPICE Simulation Program With Integrated Circuit Emphasis
SPOF Single Points Of Failure
SPOM Self-programmable One-chip Microcomputer
SPOOL Simultaneous Print Operations Online
SPR Surface Plasmon Resonance
SPS Strategic Planning System
SQC Statistical Quality Control
SQL Structured Query Language
SQM Software Quality Management
SRM System Resource Management
SRM Supplier-relationship Management
SS Spread Spectrum
SSI Spatial Systems Integration
SSL Secure Socket Layer
SSM Sales And Service Management
SSPA Software Support Professionals Association
STAR Software Technical Assistance Recognition
STEP Standard For The Exchange Of Product Model Data (French)
SURLSoftware Update and Response Line
SUT Server Under Test
SVGA Super Video Graphics Array
T&M Test & Measuring
TAM Trade Allowance Management
TAP Total Available Profit
TAPI Telephone Application Program Interface
TCA Technology-Chain Automation
TCM Time-Critical Manufacturing
TCO Total Cost Of Ownership
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCT Total Cycle Time
TDM Technical-Data Management
TDR Tool Design Request
TES Transportation Execution Systems
TES Technology-Enabled Selling
TFF Tangential Flow Filtration
TFT Thin-Film Transistor
TIA Totally Integrated Automation
TIMA Technology for Integrated Manufacturing Applications
TIP Technology, Infrastructure, Product
TL Truckload
TLA Three-letter Acronym (also MLA, Multi-letter Acronym)
TLC Total Landed Cost
TLC Time and Labor Collection
TLD Top-level Domain
TMS Transportation Management System
TO Transfer Order
TOC Theory Of Constraints
TOM Tool Object Model
TP Transaction Processing
TPH Total Plant History
TPS Total Plant Solution
TQM Top-quality Management
TRPM Transportation Resource Planning And Management
TSE Terminal Server Edition (Microsoft)
TSM Total Supply Management
TSP Transaction Service Provider
UATUser Acceptance Testing
UCC Ubiquitous Computer Control
UCM Unified Change Management
UCS Universal Communication System
UDA Universal Data Access
UDDI Universal Description, Discovery, And Integration
UGUI Ubiquitous Graphic User Interface
UI User Interface
UL Underwriters Laboratory
UML Unified Modeling Language
UNC Universal Naming Convention
UOM Unit Of Measure
UPC Universal Product Code
UPnP Universal Plug And Play (Microsoft)
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
URL Uniform Resource Locator (Internet)
USB Universal Serial Bus
USDA United States Department Of Agriculture
VAN Value-Added Network
VAR Value-added Reseller
VAV Variable Air Volume
VAX Virtual Address Extension
VB Visual Basic (Microsoft)
VBA Visual Basic For Applications (Microsoft)
VBM Value-based Management
VBM Value-based Management
VBO Vehicle-Brand Owners
VBX Visual Basic Custom Control
VCI Value Chain Initiative (Microsoft)
VCI Value Chain Integration (Microsoft)
VDE Visual Development Environment
VDM Virtual Device Model
VDU Visual Display Unit
VECS Virtually Exhaustive Combinatorics System
VFD Variable-Frequency Drive
VGA Video Graphics Adapter
VHDL Very-High-Level Design Language
VI Virtual Interface
VICS Voluntary Inter-industry Commerce Standards (organization)
VIP Value Improvement Process
VLB VESA Local Bus
VLC Visual Logic Controller (Steeplechase)
VLIW Very Long Instruction Word
VLM Very Large Memory
VLSI Very-large-scale Integration
VM Virtual Machine
VMI Vendor-Managed Inventory
VML Vector Markup Language
VMS Virtual Memory System
VMS Virtual Multiple Systems
VoIP Voice-over Internet Protocol
VOM Virtual Object Modeling
VPD Virtual Product Development
VPDM Virtual Product Data Management
VPM Virtual Product Management
VPN Virtual Private (privacy) Network
VR Virtual Reality
VRM Vendor Return Management
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VRML Virtual-Reality Modeling Language
VSD Variable-Speed Drive
VTC Virtual Trading Community
VTQ Value, Timestamp, And Quality
VVI Variable-Voltage Inverter
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WAH Web Application Hosting
WAIS Wide-Area Information Service
WAN Wide-Area Network
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WASP Wireless Application Service Provider
WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management
WBS Work Breakdown Statistics
WBT Windows-based Terminal
WDM Windows Driver Model
WES Work Execution System
WfM Wired For Management
WHQL Windows Hardware Quality Labs
WINS Windows Internet Names Service (Microsoft)
WIPWork in Progress
WIP Web Interface Portal
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
WLI Wireless Local-area Network Interoperability
WML Wireless Markup Language
WMS Warehouse Management System
WOWork Order
WORM Write Once, Read Many
WOSA Windows Open System Architecture (Microsoft)
WSDL Web-services Description Language
WUI Web User Interface
WWW World Wide Web
WYSIWYG WhatYou See Is WhatYou Get
X3D Extensible 3D
XAML Transaction Authority Markup Language
XBRL Extensible Business Reporting Language (formerly XFRML)
xDSL High-speed Digital Subscriber Line
XGL Not An Acronym, Is A File Format
XHTML Extensible HTML
XKMS XML Key Management Specification
XMAPI Extended Messaging Application Programming
XMC Extensions For Motion Control
XML Extensible Markup Language
XPI Extended Process Integration
XRM Extended Relationship Management
XSL Extensible Style Language
ZAW Zero Administration Windows (Microsoft)

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